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Northwest Landing is a 3,000-acre mixed-use planned community located midway between Olympia and Tacoma and next to the Historic Village of DuPont. As with any master planned community, The Residential Owners Association (ROA) is responsible for helping to make Northwest Landing an exceptional place to live, work, and play.

The major responsibility of the ROA is to protect the investment of the property owned by the members. The ROA operates as a business, community and as a government, which makes it a specialized type of organization.

The ROA has many responsibilities, which include maintenance of community property, enforcement of master regulations and architectural controls, establishing annual budgets and collecting assessments from members, planning and hosting community events, setting up an effective communication system and assisting owners with questions, comments and complaints.

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  • The Missing Black Cat
    We would like to add that if you have Sydney (black cat) please call 253-212-3578 or take him to the humane society or police station to be scanned. Thank you.
  • Missing Black cat
    We are missing a short haired 2yr old black cat named Sydney (located at Ridge View Drive). We let him out of the house on 8/14/12 at 5:30 AM and he never returned. Close up you will notice he has small freckles of white hair, but, from far away he appears to be solid black in color. He has a microchip also which could be scanned and will automatically notify our daughter (who gave us this cat as a gift).If anyone has this cat please feel free to call us. We are saddened by this loss.
  • Update on The Missing CAT
    Hello everyone, we have good news!!!!! Our black cat Sydney arrived at our door step at 5:00 AM on September 16, 2012 (meowing loudly). Our kitten (Sophie) prior to this for three days was meowing frantically because Sydney was gone. So, to our surprise on September 16, 2012, Sophie meowed and was acting strange and tried to open our back door. When we opened the door there was Sydney. My husband was so surprised. He picked up Sydney and brought him upstairs to me and said 'Am I dreaming? Is he really here?' I said 'Yes, dear, Sydney is here.' We both had tears in our eyes. We fed him and gave him lots of love. My grandson (who lives with us) is still shocked about Sydney's return and he can not believe this ordeal. Before closing, I would like to say 'Thank you' to in ROA in Dupont for giving residents of Dupont the opporutnity to post importantfor information on the ROA home page, and 'Thank you' to the person who returned our cat. If I am wrong and a person did not return our cat then I apologize. But, the sad story of our cat ends with a happy ending. Our hearts are now filled with happiness and joy. Thank you again for posting this information. We are forever grateful. Carlos and Kumiko Arocho
  • lost dog
    Lost brindle boxer 2 years old her name is Trudy Please call mark and Helen Ireland
    Our dog Lola got out today and is missing. We live on Rooklidge St. a few blocks away from Chloe Clark Elem. She is wearing a pink and black zebra striped collar as well as a sequin band around her neck with a pink flower on it. Please if you have any information call me at 910-849-5522.
    We JUST moved to DuPont - and our black and white cat is lost. Please call me if you have seen her. Lost on Sheaser Way. If you have any info, please call - 310-922-5393.
  • Coyotes
    I'm seeing lots of 'missing cat' and 'missing puppy' notices. One of my neighbors photographed a coyote carrying off an 18-lb. cat owned by another neighbor. The coyote picked off the cat in the front yard at 10:30 in the morning about a month ago. Please please keep your cats and small dogs in a fenced area. That's usually not possible to keep cats fenced in. When I had a cat, I never let her outside. Not just because of coyotes but because cats kill songbirds. I photographed a young coyote near Sequalitchew beach, also about a month ago and heard them last night on The Home Course. Somebody paid for an ad recently, wondering why so many cats are missing near Powderworks Park. Friends in that area have seen and heard coyotes.
  • Missing Grey Cat
    Our dark grey 13 year old cat snuck out of our house on Jensen Ave. on November 10, 2013. If you see her please call 352-514-8433.
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