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Steilacoom Historical School District #1

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  • Elementary Schools

    • Chloe Clark Elementary
      Explorer Pledge

      Today I will be the best I can be.
      I will be SAFE.
      I will be KIND.
      I will be HELPFUL.
      I will WORK HARD.
      I will be an Explorer!
      I am proud of who I am,
      and who I am becoming!
  • High Schools

    • Steilacoom High School
      Steilacoom High School is a clean, safe, and caring environment, where the community entrusts its young people to a capable staff.
      Work ethic values of responsible and dependable behavior and mutual respect are understood and embraced.
      A relevant, progressive curriculum prepares students to function intellectually, physically, and socially in a changing society.
  • General


      Click Here for a complete listing of all SHSD#1ís schools, including Chloe Clark Elementary and Pioneer Middle School, located in DuPont. You will find school calendars, administrators and teacherís names, and mission statements for each school. SHSD#1 is comprised of seven schools: one high school (in Steilacoom), one middle school (in DuPont) and five elementary schools throughout the District. SHSD#1 is also home to the Washington Virtual Academy or WAVA. It is intended for students in Kindergarten through the 8th grade who may benefit from individualized instruction using a rigorous academic curriculum. Parents act as learning coaches working closely with their WAVA teachers and student. WAVA is a parent/student/teacher partnership. The curriculum made available through K12 Inc. provides a complete school experience for students.
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